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Emergency Services

Springfield Hospital's Emergency Services are available 24/7 and staffed by a professional team of Physicians, Physician Assistants, and other providers. Serving in excess of 16,000 patients each year, we respond with respect for human dignity and compassion for the individual.  We respect our patients' right to privacy, confidentially, and to receive excellent care in our Emergency Department.

We work closely with the following EMS services:
Springfield Fire and Ambulance
Chester Ambulance
Golden Cross Ambulance
Londonderry Ambulance
LeFevre Ambulance
Charlestown Ambulance
Alstead Ambulance
Bellowsfalls Fire Department
Bromley Mountain Ski Patrol
Ludlow Ambulance
Okemo Ski Patrol
Rockingham Fire and Rescue
Walpole Ambulance
Westminster Fire and Rescue
Cavendish First Responders
Grafton First Responders
Saxton River Rescue

Triage Prioritizes Patient Care Needs
All patients are triaged with the ESI 5 level Triage System upon arrival at our Emergency Department. Patients are assessed and given a triage number based on the acuity of their problem. Patients are then seen based on the severity of their condition. We have specialized Physicians on call to see patients in the Emergency Department when a referral is appropriate.

Our Staff
Our Medical Director, Richard Marasa, MD, is board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. He also holds a MBA and is a certified Health Care Manager. Thirteen board-certified Physician Assistants (PA-C) work under his direction. The PA-Cs are certified in PALS, ACLS, ATLS, and Advanced Airway Management.

Nurse Manager, Cathy Howland R.N. BSN, oversees our nursing staff of 28 RNs and four LNA/Secretary staff.

Specialized Training
Our ED nurses maintain competence in the field of Emergency nursing by attending the following courses:

Advanced Burn Life Support- This a certification course that provides education in the assessment, management and stabilization of the burn patient during the critical first 24 hours of getting burned. We have two nurses that have obtained this certification.

ACLS Provider Course – The American Heart Association’s presents this course.  It is the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support designed for healthcare providers. This course provides enhances the skills of nurses in the treatment of the adult victim of a cardiac arrest or other cardiac emergency. All Emergency Department RNs have this certification.

Certified Emergency Nurse – CEN certification is the certification specific to emergency nursing and measures the attainment of a defined body of nursing knowledge pertinent to this specialty. We are 1 nurse that has met these certain standards in the specialty of Emergency Nursing.

Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course- This course strengthens the RN’s Pediatric emergency skills in order to meet the needs of this diverse population and provide excellent nursing care to a specialized group of patients. All Emergency Department RNs have either this or PALS certification.

Geriatric Emergency Nursing Education- This course gives the RN information about the Geriatric patient. Components that are covered in this course are: Discharge planning, attitudes and ageism, physical and psychological changes, pain management, abuse and neglect, polypharmacy, palliative care and triage and assessment. We have 1 nurse that has this certification.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support  - The goal of this course is to aid the RN in developing the knowledge and skill necessary to efficiently and effectively manage critically ill infant and children resulting in improved outcomes. All Emergency Department nurse are certified in either this or ENPC.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner – The certification teaches the RN to coordinate both expert forensic and medical care necessary to increase successful prosecution of sex offenders and to assure essential medical intervention to victims of assault age 12 and over. We have five nurses that have this certification.

Trauma Nurse Core Course- This certification course teaches a systematic and standard approach to the care of the trauma patient.  Assessment of the trauma patient along with expected outcomes are part of this course. All the RNs in the Emergency Department have this certification.
ATLS Course-This course is an organized approach for evaluation and management of seriously injured patients. It gives you a foundation of common knowledge for all members of the trauma team.

Advanced Airway Management -This is advanced course in obtaining an airway. This course teaches how to place an airway in a difficult airway patient.

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Where People Come First
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Terms of Privacy/Disclaimer     © 2009 Springfield Hospital - All Rights Reserved.